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DSP32C & DSP3210 Software Tools


These development systems include all the documentation and software packages from Lucent and CAC to create your DSP application:

Lucent C Compiler - a full implementation of the standard Kernighan and Ritchie C language. The output of the compiler is a DSP executable file which is then downloaded to the DSP board's memory by calls to our linkable library. A math library is included which is a C-linkable version for the Lucent Applications Library.

Lucent Assembler - translates DSP source files into machine-coded instructions placed in an object file

Lucent Linker - combines object files, performs relocation, resolves external references, and generates symbol table information for symbolic debugging

Lucent Simulator - a software debugging tool that provides breakpoints, single-stepping, and displays memory, registers and accumulators. This utility does not use the DSP hardware

Lucent DSP32C Information Manual - in-depth hardware reference manual

Lucent DSP32C Data Sheet - quick reference manual

D3EMU CAC debugger - user-friendly symbolic debugger. D3BUG is supplied with DSP32C-DS-SUN4.

The MS-DOS version is supplied on floppy diskettes and the SUN4 version comes on 60M byte cartridge tape.


These development systems are the same as DSP32C-CDS without the C-compiler.

C Library

Our library of C-callable functions to control and communicate with our DSP boards are provided for MS-DOS and Windows 3.1. This library along with demos and diagnostics is included with the D3EMU and D3BUG software packages.

  dsp_dl_exec( )   downloads the DSP executable code to the board.
  find_label_name( )   returns DSP's memory location of label.
  dsp_run( )   start the DSP executing code.
  dsp_reset( )   put the DSP into a reset state which halts any processing.
  set_pcr( )   individual DSP register control.
  dsp_dl_array( )   download an array of 16-bit integers from the host's buffer to the DSP's memory.
  dsp_up_array( )   upload an array of 16-bit integers from the DSP's memory to the host.

The following functions support the DMA capability of the A5 board
  dsp_dma_open( )   initialize for DMA access
  dsp_dma_close( )   terminate DMA
  dsp_dma_done( )   test status of DMA transfer
  dsp_dl_dma( )   download data to DSP
  dsp_up_dma( )   upload data from DSP


Updates to the Lucent C-compiler, assembler, linker and simulator are available.


This software package contains all the Lucent and CAC development tools available for code development for our QUANTUMdsp and DARTdsp boards.


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